Hopkins Consulting

Professional consulting services include:


  • motivational speaker

  • elevator speech presentations

  • career development

  • creativity and collaboration workshops

  • leadership workshops

  • actor contract negotiations

  • new play and musical development

  • production company development and planning

  • college audition prep for high school students

  • theatrical personnel recruitment

  • transitioning for theatre professionals to academia

  • mental wellness workshops for artists and performers

  • mental wellness workshops and curriculum

Advising for Young Actors (under 26) 

Consult with me on anything career- or life-related.

This is designed for actors who are recently out of school or are relatively new to the professional market, or actors who didn’t go to school and need to learn quickly what the expectations are in a professional environment. I can help with anything from creating a strategic plan (including budgets and timelines) and career counseling to audition advice and/or coaching on sides. This service is for actors who don’t have an agent or manager and want advice on contracts or how to advance their careers. It is also for the actor who wants advice on how to maintain a healthy outlook and understanding of what their job is in an agent or manager relationship and to develop realistic expectations of what representation can do for them. I’m here to support those of you within the first few years of leaving school that need a little help and don’t have a lot of money to spare. 

Rate: $1 a minute  

(Average session 30 mins)

Kaitlin Hopkins
Kaitlin Hopkins
MTEA Conference
MTEA Conference

Stress and the Young Artist

Want more information on workshops and consulting rates? 

Client List  (partial list)


  • Streamline Theatre Works

  • UTSA College of Business

  • Dallas Summer Musical Educational Division 

  • ProJazz Institute – Santiago, Chile

  • GetAccept’d                                                                       

  • Relativity School, Los Angeles                                                       

  • Teatro Municipal Santiago Chile 

  • Omen Theatrical Productions

  • Texas Musical Theatre Workshop




  • Dan Cooney (actor, educator and artistic director)

  • Keith Byron Kirk (actor and educator)

  • Ben Crawford (actor) 

  • Robin Lewis (choreographer and educator)

  • Jennifer Foster (actress and vocalist)

  • Julia Smith (actress)

  • Leo Ash Evans (actor and coach for MTCA)

  • Chad Murnane (casting director)

Transitioning for Theatre Professionals to Academia Testimonials

"Not only is Kaitlin Hopkins a brilliant educator, but a pioneer in guiding professional actors as they transition to academia. Kaitlin was an endless source of knowledge to me as I transitioned from performing on Broadway to university education."

- Kevin Covert (Actor, director, currently director of musical theatre - Shenandoah University)

"As a industry professional making the transition into higher education, Kaitlin was invaluable in helping me successfully prepare for the interview process, and in giving me an in-depth and thorough understanding of university culture. I recommend her highly."

- Dan Cooney (Actor, artistic director, currently assistant professor of musical theatre - Roosevelt University) 

"It would have been enough that Kaitlin took me by the hand and guided me through the process of structuring how to effectively meet all the requirements and expectations of the places I was applying to. The unexpected benefit of having her help is that I came to understand fully what made my qualifications and my experience truly unique, and through that, why I was worthy of serious consideration.  I built confidence working with Kaitlin that is going to serve me no matter where I end up."

- Noah Racey (Actor, director, choreographer, educator)

"Every so often someone comes along whose passion and expertise combine to change the game. Kaitlin Hopkins is one of these individuals. I met Kaitlin after presenting my “Life from the Top of the Mind” seminar to the theater department at Texas State University. What I thought was simply a seminar on stress and anxiety, Kaitlin saw as the beginning of a movement that would revolutionize the way young artists are taught to deal with life. As a result of her involvement in, and support of my work, I have written three new books and presented at Carnegie Mellon, Otterbein, Elon, Shenandoah, Rider and other many other theater departments from coast to coast. This has opened up an exciting new niche audience for me, and I owe much of this success to Kaitlin and her vision and advice. I recommend her highly to anyone wanting insight into the world of academia, and guidance with turning their passion into a successful career.”

- Bill Crawford. Ph.D. (Crawford Performance Solutions)


"Kaitlin Hopkins is an invaluable resource for the theatrical community. She has done an incredible job fostering a dialogue between professional artists and academia. I have sought her advice and guidance many times and is my first phone call when I need to hash out balancing my role as a professional theatre artist with my role as a theatre educator. Kaitlin is an open-hearted, wildly gifted collaborator whose insight has proven to be selfless and deeply wise time and time again. I am proud to call her a colleague and friend.”

- Alexander Gemignani (Actor, writer, educator)

"I spent the majority of my career as an actor, singer, and playwright performing and making work in theatre and television and began to consider a shift into academia. After spending four years at my first job I began to realize that my needs were no longer being met with regard to practice and my new research goals. My first step was to seek guidance from Kaitlin Hopkins, who had accomplished a similar shift from practice to education. She was able to guide me through how best to convey the needs of the artist to administrators with limited experience in attending to the needs of the artist in transition. Kaitlin’s expertise and knowledge in multiple areas of theatre, performance, and arts administration provide both emerging young artists and professionals the opportunity for growth in practice and education. Thanks, Kaitlin, for your sharing and professionalism."

- Keith Byron Kirk, Ph.D. (currently assistant professor of performance and African-American performance - University of Houston) 


"Kaitlin is a wealth of information. It was clear that before our first meeting she had mapped out specific ideas and thoughts that pertained not just to the path I want to pursue in my career but also just to me in general. She is knowledgeable, organized, and can obviously relate to where one is coming from due to her extensive work in the arts and academia. Talking to Kaitlin was a great step in planning the next chapter in my career."

- Ben Crawford (Broadway Actor)

Career Development Testimonials

"Kaitlin Hopkins is an exceptionally talented Broadway veteran, who is one of the industry’s go-to ladies. She also happens to be one of the most knowledgeable and insightful members of the theatre community. I have worked closely with Kaitlin; I can say without a doubt that she is exceptionally hands-on, accessible and her intuition is on the button."

- Chad Murnane (Casting Director) 



“When no one else knows the answer, I call Kaitlin. Kaitlin has always given me the best advice on everything from communicating with my agents to doing my taxes and knowing what deductions I can take as an actor. Her knowledge as a professional in the industry is expansive and she genuinely cares about her clients; making sure every decision is well informed and contributing positively to your professional and personal goals.”

- Jennifer Foster (Professional Actor and Vocalist)



“I can think of no greater 'midwife' for actors navigating the tricky terrain between academic and professional worlds than Kaitlin Hopkins. A brilliant actress and consultant, she is that rarest of individuals who can support both left- and right-brainers in uplevelling their art and business acumen simultaneously. ... I wish I had an angel like Kaitlin on my shoulder at all times!”

- Erik Liberman (Professional Actor and Educator)



"Our scholarship program currently awards $100,000 annually in competitive scholarships for musical theatre students. The success of our program has attracted nationwide attention. Kaitlin Hopkins has been a critical component in the success of our programs. She has coordinated and conducted workshops, secured industry professionals as judges, and, as a consultant, has provided us with invaluable guidance.  

- Las Casas Foundation (Conserving the historic Majestic and Empire Theatres)



"From consulting and dramaturgy to directing, I welcome any opportunity to partner with Kaitlin Hopkins."

- Thomas W. Nyman (Writer and Producer, Omen Theatrical)